Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Little Bit of Life

I started this blog, and then I feel like I have already neglected it! The last several weeks have been full of snowy and icy weather during the Atlanta Snowpocalypse 2014. But between the unusually snowy weather and unexpected days off from school, I have been enjoying life in the suburbs.

Here is what I have been up to these last few weeks.

To celebrate the 100th day of school, my students put fractions from 0/100 to 100/100 in order on a pennant number line. Then they made designs using a 100 chart. This lesson is also the first that I have posted to Teachers Pay Teachers in order to make a little extra money on the side. Here's to hoping that I can supplement my teacher's income a little with some of my classroom ideas.

In preparation for the Academy Awards that are coming up in March, Dustin and I have been trying to watch as many of the nominees as we can. So far we have seen Gravity, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, Blue Jasmine, The Butler, and Captain Phillips. We did the same thing last year and had a lot of fun checking them off the list!

I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in my friend, Calli's wedding. Her bridal shower was a couple weeks ago and I set up the welcome table for everyone to sign in and leave advice for the happy bride.

Our friends Brittany and Michael hosted a Super Bowl party at their house. We had a great time and I came super-close to winning the contest of guessing the winner and score of the game.

This last weekend was Calli's bachelorette party. We went out for dinner and drinks, and I got to treat myself to some delicious sushi - yum!

And right now, I am in the midst of at least three days in a row off school due to the crazy amount of snow and ice we are getting here in Georgia. Here are some photos of the miniature snowman I made and my selfie after playing in the snow - before it all became coated in a thin layer of ice!

Then this morning, I pulled out all the stops and made a huge breakfast for Dustin and my brother, Brian, who decided to hang out here at our house while we wait out this winter weather. I was so excited to use my little piggy chalkboard I picked up from Michaels this weekend.

I have been spending the rest of the day catching up on the laundry and tidying up the house. I'm hoping that I can get some other posts in the works here to show y'all some of the projects I have been working on around here.

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