Monday, January 13, 2014

Dining Room Tour

     The first room in our house that is basically finished is the dining room - which came in handy when we hosted Christmas Eve dinner and had nearly twenty people to seat! Here is a tiny little panorama view taken on my iPhone camera.

     We were so excited to get started on the house, we installed the curtain panels before our furniture arrived, along with setting up our new wine table. The table and chairs that was a tight fit in our North Carolina apartment now feels just great in this room. We took the bookshelves that used to be in our family room, and have filled the shelves with wedding items, some collectibles from our travels, and Dustin's Marine Corps plaques and photos.

Window to the front of the house

Bookshelf 1 - with wedding sand, a centerpiece from our wedding, and cake serving set

Bookshelf 2 - with lots of special souvenirs, Precious Moment figurines from hubby, and some USMC stuff

Guest platter from our wedding and this artwork I fell in LOVE with from Pier One

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